what does it mean when a man touches your hair

What does it mean when a man touches your hair?

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Men do not always say what they feel the moment they feel it. This can become confusing for us ladies because we tend to overanalyze every single little thing a guy says and does.

This is especially the case if we’re crushing on a guy. Thankfully, unconscious body language can be extremely telling when we’re trying to figure out how a guy really feels about us. Now let’s find out what does it mean really when a guy strokes your hair?

1. He’s just innocently flirting

Some men are just naturally flirty. It’s just who they are and they sometimes do not even realize that they are being flirty or that they are giving off signals. Unfortunately, if your hair is not the only hair he’s touching then he probably is just innocently flirting with you.

If this is the case, you shouldn’t look too deep into his body language. Some guys just flirt with every girl they come across.

Flirting and hair touching does not always mean that a guy is interested in being more than friends. This is especially the case with younger guys who have yet to understand a woman’s mind.

To sum it up, if he is touchy-feely with other girls then him touching your hair probably does not mean much of anything. However, on the plus side, it does mean he is comfortable with you.

2. He’s attracted to you

Now let’s say he touches your hair and then comments on how soft or beautiful it is. He could even compliment you on how nice your hair smells. If this occurs, then he is probably attracted to you in a physical or sexual way.

Please keep in mind that it still does not mean a guy wants to date you just because he compliments you or is physically attracted to you. Some guys enjoy dishing out compliments because they know it makes the recipient of the compliment feel good. It’s somehow different for a relationship that ladies know.

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Take the compliment for what it’s worth and at least know that he thinks you’re a cutie. He obviously has an attraction to you or else he would not have touched you in the first place. Guys do not touch women they are repulsed by.

3. He’s crushing on you/ likes you

If a guy has a thing for you, you will surely notice other signs besides hair touching. For example, if he is sitting next to you and has a big grin on his face while touching or stroking your hair, then he is probably trying to get closer to you.

Stroking or touching your hair is just a polite way to touch you without him looking like a complete pervert.

If he really has the hots for you then you may notice that he will push your hair out of your eyes so that he can see your beautiful eyes. When a guy pushes your hair out of your eyes it means that he wants to get close and just needs an excuse to do it.

It is also important to be aware of your own body language when this occurs. If you like him back, let him know by giving off a cute smile. Believe me, he is totally paying attention to your reaction while he is touching your hair. If you smile at him, he will instantly know that his feelings toward you are reciprocated.

4. He’s in love

Instead of simply telling you that he is in love with you, he may just give himself away with his body language.

If the guy in question is gazing at you, smiling, and keeping direct eye contact while he is either touching or running his fingers through your hair then he more than likely has some major feelings for you. It’s the body language of men in love.

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This is especially the case if he goes in for a kiss while stroking your hair. The kiss doesn’t have to be a kiss on the lips. Some guys are a bit shy and will give you a smooch on the forehead or hand instead of the lips. In any case, if he is kissing you anywhere on your face or body then he is definitely smitten.

Pay attention to his eyes while he is gazing at you. Are they dilated and huge? If so, this is a major sign that he feels strongly for you. Are his eyebrows raised? If they are, he is very intrigued by you.

Also, notice if he touches you anywhere else on your body. Brushing his hand against your arm, lightly touching your knee, or even wrapping his arm around you are all signs that he really cares about you but just doesn’t want to be too forward about it.


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