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8 Best Temporary Email Address Sites for Verification

Before starting, let’s know why to get a temporary e-mail address? Both online and offline retailers or organizations have a habit of demanding an email address from customers and non-customers in order to convince, them through emails, to take advantage of their offers.

This often results in a displeasing pile of spam – worthy emails that irritatingly flood your inbox.

Temporary or disposable email addresses can go a long way in getting rid of those annoying emails you keep getting from websites that you presently wish to have no dealings with.

Some throwaway email address providers give the customer room to create multiple email addresses while still being able to access all of them in the same window.

Others would just forward all messages received at the temporary email address to your primary address, making a slight mockery of their usefulness.

Below is a list of the most reliable sites for opening a temporary email address which makes it possible for you to enjoy anonymity and also be free of an email inbox riddled with a plethora of advertisements and other information that are absolutely of no use to you.

Temporary Email Address Sites

1. Guerilla Mail

Guerilla email addresses are not only technically disposable but also timeless. Much like a standard email address, each address on this site can be streamlined by using any one of the nine available domain names including a custom inbox ID. This makes address options perpetually limitless irrespective of the domain name you choose to make use of.

Despite the fact that email addresses created at Guerilla Mail never actually expire, any emails that have been recently received and have appeared in the user’s inbox would be deleted automatically within an hour irrespective of whether they have been viewed or not.

There are added tools for filtering unwanted spam emails and allowing the user to encrypt his inbox ID.

Attachments of up to 150 megabytes in size can be easily sent on this service platform. Android users can also download an app which enables them to use the Site’s service to create free temporary email addresses.

2. Mailinator

Contrary to the popular practice of depending on a sign-up process or a built-in creator like most temporary email service providers, Mailinator provides an account for whatever email address a customer uses immediately an email is sent to that address. Afterwards, the customer can then go to the site’s homepage and view his inbox of choice.

Also, addresses on the Mailinator platform remain in existence indefinitely, although received emails are automatically deleted from the inbox after a few hours have elapsed.

3. The Ten Minute Mail

Simplicity is the bedrock of this service provider and just like its name suggests, the lifespan of emails created on this platform is ten minutes.

Once you click on the site’s homepage, you will be provided with an automatically generated email address that would expire after ten minutes. This lifespan can be elongated by an additional ten minutes when the user clicks on the short link below the provided email address.

Also, with 10-minute mail, various inbox settings are located at the lower part of the page and these enable users to view messages with a provided link positioned on top of their email addresses which they could use to copy any address to their clipboards.

4. MailDrop

Maildrop allows you to either choose an automatically created version or to build your own email address. This site comes with a basic refresh option that allows you to view emails as they are received.

The Maildrop service also creates a list on which all emails received at the address in question are highlighted. Aside from providing an ‘alias’ address service which is an automatic alternative to the original email address, Maildrop also offers a cloud-based spam filtering service powered by Heluna.

This service helps a lot when you don’t want to use your real email address with websites and services you don’t trust. It helps fighting spam and avoid spam newsletters.

5. Fake E-mail Generator

This one is just like the ten-minute mail service; it will automatically generate a fake email address for the user.

This temporary email generator is also an ad-free site that comes with some striking features which include letting the users select their own addresses, or alternatively supply ready-to-use email addresses if there is no time to get customized ones.

Furthermore, this site allows emails to be sent to the disposable address before automatically updating to show the user the received emails. This implies that a user can navigate to the site, use his fake address to access an account in another window before returning to the site to ascertain the receipt of any spam emails.

6. Hide My Ass Anonymous Email

This service transcends temporary email provision. It provides an entire cache of services that are designed to give the user added privacy and protection.

Consequently, this anonymous email site has become arguably more encompassing and professional than its counterparts.

First of all, a user has to create an account and select a password after which he provides his authentic email address before choosing the preferred time frame for the fake account to exist. After these steps, the site then sends an update to the user whenever he receives a message.

This site might not be very useful to users who are solely interested in blocking spam, but nonetheless, it offers excellent privacy solutions.

7. YOPMail

Yopmail allows users to create disposable email addresses with names of their choice with the ability to use the Yopmail address generator feature in the incident that the user is unable for whatever reasons to create his own preferred email name.

Yopmail also offers a plug-in and widget service that serve as extensions for users to easily access their Yopmail inbox.

The site also provides users with an email ‘alias’ option which allows hiding the real Yopmail inbox with an alternate address; emails to that alias, automatically forwarded to the real inbox.

Also available on this site are twelve alternate domains that allow emails sent to any of them to be auto-forwarded to your Yopmail. There is also a Yopchat service available for users to interact and socialize with each other.

8. EmailOnDeck

This is one of the easiest temp email websites ever. In just 2 steps, you can get a totally secure temp email. Email on Deck protects users’ privacy by not allowing spam in their personal inboxes.

This project aims to put an end to that position where people always find themselves having to provide their personal email addresses to promoting companies and random websites.


Conclusively, the value of a temporary or disposable email address cannot be overemphasized, especially in our contemporary world where firms indulge in aggressive enterprise strategies aimed at expanding customer base and maximizing profits at all costs regardless of the customer’s privacy concerns.

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