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22 tips for solo women travelers to stay safe

Traveling is one of the most genuine experiences ever; when you travel you get to discover the world and see life as it is from different perspectives.

A traveler is nothing like a tourist, a true traveler offers himself the chance to be challenged and get out of his comfort zone while learning and getting to know things he never knew existed.

Now what if you were a solo traveler!? What if… you were a female solo traveler! That’s what we call incredibly courageous. Like it or not, women are always considered more exposed to danger than men; rapes, assaults, attacks and various other types of violence are always threatening women wherever they go.

Even when it’s not physical, women are always treated as inferior human beings who don’t have the guts to do something courageous and alone.That makes traveling solo definitely one of the most wonderful of irritations and problems to have.

However, nothing could stop women from striding up, in 2015 women have made strides in politics, in business, in technology and culture. Traveling solo should never be considered as an obstacle or something so hard to do.

Every year, thousands of women around the world travel solo, women of different ages and origins. Yet, caution should be taken seriously; no matter how courageous you are my lady, there always be some safety rules to consider.

Solo Women Travelers Guide

This your free solo women travelers guide, keep on reading to find out more about tips for traveling solo.

1. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally

Before you decide to go anywhere, you need to be emotionally and mentally prepared for your next journey. In other words; you don’t want to just pack your things and leave while you have unfinished business back home. Make sure everything is settled before you leave so that you ensure an emotional comfort

2. Choose a convenient place

The destination doesn’t always matter, what matters really is the journey you’re about to have. However, the place you’re going to visit still plays an important role. Make sure your body goes to where your heart desires.

3. Give someone your itinerary

Give someone back home  –maybe your boyfriend, or sibling or anyone close—a general idea of what you’re going to do and the places you’re willing to visit. Just in case of emergency, they will be able to track you faster

4. Consider travel insurance

Agencies like world nomads provide travelers the insurance needed to cover all manners of unexpected costs. Other than medical insurance, they will reimburse you for lost baggage, delays, rental car damage, etc.…

5. Don’t pack heavy

Just keep it simple. You’re a traveler, which means your first purpose is to explore and spend the days wandering around cities. Therefore, you don’t need many bags. Try to pack one bag –and not a big one—take only the clothes you need.

Solo Women traveling tips

6. Beware strangers

Alright; this might sound a little silly because one of the most frequent things a traveler does is befriending new people; but, that doesn’t neglect the fact that many strangers could be dangerous.

So… before you consider trusting or making a friendship with someone, analyze their behavior well and try to figure out their purpose. You don’t want to be murdered by a serial killer on your vacation.

7. Pack smart

Other than clothes; some things are considered necessary to pack. Things like: bands-aids, global calling card, medication and other personal necessities.

8. Get a guidebook

If you don’t have a SmartPhone to upload travel apps, consider buying a guidebook to help you a little with your destinations

9. Find the right transportation

There are many ways of transportation for sure; make sure you find the kind of transportation that seems safe, efficient, inexpensive and comfortable for you –if possible.

10. Learn the local language

You don’t have to be an expert in the local language, but learning few keywords is always helpful; you may consider purchasing a translation book to help you out with communication.

11. Be aware of different cultures

The world is a place of differences; the culture you’re used to at home may not be suitable for another place around the globe; so what you need to do is providing yourself with the right amount of information about your destination’s culture just to make sure you respect the cultural norms of that country and avoid exposing yourself to certain kinds of dangers…

12. Make copies of important documents

Make copies of the important documents you carry with you like your passport or driving license, then lock them safe in your hotel/hostel room; carry the photocopies while you’re exploring. Just in case you lost your bag, the original copies will still be safe.

13. Don’t seek for attention

A foreigner can always be spotted from a mile away; and a lot might get the advantage of that from sellers to thieves and even regular locals. So try not to dress very differently and don’t carry a camera wherever you go; just act like a local so that you avoid others attention

14. Don’t keep all your money in one place

Always keep your money in more than one place; you never know when you might get stolen. There are many ways to keep your money, your own secret like hiding them in your underwear, it’s a smart yet effective way to protect your money when traveling alone.

Keep money secret when travelling

15. Befriend a local (most likely your hotel/hostel employee)

Befriending your hotel employee might help you out with knowing few tricks that would make your journey even better and safer.

16. Don’t neglect your instinct

Always follow your instincts; if you feel like something is wrong, then, it is wrong.

17. Don’t sleep on trains or cabs

18. Track your cab via Google map

If you carry a smartphone with you, install an app that allows you to track your cab direction just to make sure he’s not taking you somewhere unknown. Google maps will be your best friend for both, traveling and letting others your trust find your position on the map.

Google maps to track travelers for good

19. Register with IAMAT

You can regsiter with the international association for medical assistance of travelers (IAMAT). They’ll help you locate a nearby medical clinic with approved doctors where they speak English.

20. Bring emergency contraception

Even if you think you may not be sexually active during your journey, carry contraception tools with you. –You never know!

21. Don’t use your phone in crowded places

Make sure to use your phone in safe places like coffee shops or WC, you don’t want somebody to steal your phone –especially your phone!

22. Never identify that you are alone

Some people are just dangerous; letting strangers know that you are alone might give them the chance to think of robbing you or even kidnap you.

Final thoughts

Remember to have fun; no matter how many the obstacles were, try to do your best at facing them and overcome your fears. There is nothing more exciting than traveling…

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