How to Stop Mindless Eating Late at Night

Are you one of those who needs to stop eating in the middle of the night, but with real working ways? And you tried a few things, but none of them fixed the problem?

So, read the full article, we’ll show you the things you need to do to get rid of nightly eating habits and make your life better and keep your body healthy.

For many, we have issues with binge eating after our last large meal. While I will explain a couple of situations; where it is actually better to take a small snack at night.

Many of us should avoid the practice as much as we possibly can. All the practice does is creating a very bad habit that is hard to break.

Why do we fall into the eating at night habit?

For many, we think we are hungry when in all honesty, we are dehydrated and need more fluids. For the first week, I want you to have a bottle of water, reusable preferably. On your side having it available makes it easier to keep drinking it. Our brain just thinks my stomach is empty I must fill it. The issue is in most cases we need hydration, not food.

In many other cases, we are bored; this is when many mindlessly eat. This is never a good habit since we grab foods that are either high in calories or no quality calories. This is easily fixable if you are willing to change it, finding a way to stop this will help curb the cravings to forget mindless snacking.

In the cases of special situations such as diabetes and pregnancy, we need to eat smaller meals spaced throughout the day and night.

I will explain how to accomplish this so you stay on eating better options without the poor ones. Many use their diet as an excuse to overeat. I will explain why it is alright in the example situations I mentioned later.

For people with nighttime eating syndrome, here is what they can do to fix the problem and even lose weight for others.

How to stay hydrated?

Many of us have gotten into the habit of being dehydrated constantly. We get this because we tend to drink liquids that are going to take the moisture away from our bodies. Things like soda, tea, alcohol will actually do this, even some bottled water.

Soda has both sugar and sodium, while bottled water has sodium. Alcohol is a depressant coupled with sodium. Tea made too strongly is full of sodium, and if you prefer sweet tea you have large amounts of sugar.

The best option is filtered water; the filter will cut down on the sodium and any impurities such as lead. Keeping it at the temperature you prefer is best. Think if you like iced water keep it around if you like hot water keep it around.

The more available it is, the more you are apt to want to drink it. For some the natural taste of their water is not appealing the filter helps that.

Another option that is great is flavoring your water naturally using things such as fruit and herbs. This way you get the natural nutrients from the fruit and just enough sugar you can get your mind away from mindlessly eating.

You can make a larger amount of the water, such as having a multi-gallon container in your refrigerator ready to pour. You could also do a large teapot filled with hot water with the fruit.

If you prefer iced water you can add fruit to the ice cubes this will let you flavor the water slightly while keeping it cold.

How to curb mindless eating

While the fruit waters do help curb the cravings it is not the only way to do this. You can start by getting a hobby. In many cases, we watch television or do something where we are not as mobile. Adding a hobby that will keep your mind and hands busy will help you pass the time and forget you were thinking about eating.

Simple things such as doing puzzles, crocheting, reading, drawing, painting all do this. As well as many others accomplish this. Another bad habit many have gotten into is eating while they play video games. This is not a good habit it gets you into mindlessly eating while not moving.

Another option is light exercise, and of course, doing heavy exercises at that time really is not recommended. It makes you more wide awake when you need to start settling your body and mind down. Doing things such as a short walk after dinner will help you, also light yoga, and meditation. It will all help you in finding new ways to curb the wanting to eat at a bad time.

Snacking after dinner when you are not active means you are not losing those calories. The walk after dinner helps clear your mind and walk off the dinner calories, fresh air also helps you relax.

For those with problems, such as fibromyalgia where they may not have energy meditation is a good option. The right kind of yoga is also a good option, it relaxes you while not making your body be awake longer.

Some have the habit of wanting to watch television and the habit is not a bad thing. The issue is you tend to have your hands be still which creates boredom. This is why adding a small hobby such as crosswords or puzzles, and so on help.

You can still have your television shows going while you do these. Also, consider turning the television off an hour or so before bedtime, this cuts off the noise and light so you can relax. This is where reading or other things, help you it lets you relax without the sound going.

Special considerations

As I have stated before, some diets require late snacks. Being a diabetic you need this to keep your sugars from bottoming out while you sleep. In fact, that is a dangerous problem where the sugar in the body has been depleted and the insulin is making you go into a shock.

Also, being pregnant can cause the same issue as the baby is using the sugar in mom’s diet. A  small snack before bed helps keep the sugar level so you can sleep refreshed.

In this case, the snacks need to be healthy think vegetables, crackers with peanut butter or cheese. Fruit with peanut butter is also a nice option, so are seeds and nuts in limited quantities. For those allergic to peanut butter, you can substitute a nut or seed butter you can eat.

This will give you protein which keeps the sugar level longer as well as fiber, which lasts longer in the breaking down. Just be sure you are not consuming this snack within two hours of going to bed to allow your stomach to not be full.

Another issue is for those that have made this a habit you need to lower the number of times you are doing it. Do this by only having a healthy snack once or twice a week versus every night. Then you can reduce it to being once and not at all with time.

Going full stop is never healthy and will make you want to do it even worse. Finding out how to lower the occurrences in a healthy manner will help keep them away.

We all have times when we are hungry if drinking water has not solved this feeling you can have a healthy snack. Just be sure the portion is controlled and watch that you do not eat it directly before bed.

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