15 Ways to Motivate and Inspire your Employees

Integrity, Intelligence, and dynamism… That’s what we all want in an employee, but what about the things you need to offer your employee in consideration of that?! How can you motivate your employee to keep him from turning to a one lazy ordinary salaried?

Leaders at work should have the most power to know how to do that due to the fact that they represent a direct influence on their subordinates.

How to inspire and motivate your team

1. Embellish the ambiance

The first condition above all is to create a suitable ambiance. What you want to create is a peaceful and consistent atmosphere in harmony with the nature of work. Also, Make sure the ornamental aspect is present.

That will definitely guarantee your workplace a trace of style and vitality. Providing your subordinates with a clean, systematic, and easy-going enterprise will supply them with feelings of reassurance, comfort, and fluency.

2. Mix it up

If your enterprise members are of different ages or come from different races or genres, try to enhance the connection between them by gathering the dissimilar members in the same work spot. It will create a sort of diversity that will go from a source of distrust to a source of strength and inspiration.

3. Build a team, build a force!

Alone we can do little; together we can do so much. A systematic, methodical genre of work where everybody has a specific task to do can be effective to get the job done. Well, yes. But it’s not enough because what you need as a leader is Teamwork.

Teaching your employees to work in groups will help them achieve the goal faster with lower amounts of anxiety and stress. It will also give the working process a feature of spontaneity and smoothness. Let alone the neat image the final result will have.

4. Raise the challenge

Don’t shackle your employees by giving them tedious missions. But, challenge them by giving them harder tasks that require more analysis and quickness. That way you’ll be giving them the opportunity to prove their capabilities and worth, not to mention promoting the competitive spirit in them.

5. Be the passion seeker

Nothing spices the ambiance more than new ideas and inventiveness. So, for the sake of that, be the leader who knows how to reveal the creativeness, originality, and imagination hidden in each employee. Try to give them the intuitive and chances to impose their ideas and intellect. Illuminate the passion in them…

6. Hold expectations

Let your employees know that you’re expecting a good result from them. The feeling of responsibility will turn them to more earnest, reliable, and authentic individuals.

7. Applaud the effort

Persistence and determination are some of the best characters an employee can have. Your job as a leader is to appreciate that and encourage it. You can do that in so many possible ways; maybe leave your employees a handwritten note. Or, send them to parties sometimes, I mean what is a better reward than good food?!

8. Be open-minded

Always welcome new ideas and don’t make assumptions on things you’ve never analyzed. Opening the doorway to your employees’ ideas appreciates their effort, helps them gain more self-esteem, and encourages them to be more active.

9. Be a good listener

The common problem with the majority of people is that they lack the skill of listening while the most basic of human needs is the need for communication. The best way to understand and be understood is to listen to others.

Now, if you were a top-manager, you should never underestimate the power of a smile. A small act of caring and of course a listening ear. It creates sympathy and deepens the connections.

10. Favor a democratic organization

Delegating responsibility and decision-making to middle and lower-level managers is a double win method. It will allow you to focus on more important and major decisions as a top manager and it will make your employees better ones.

In other words, your employees will start to gain more power, knowledge, experience, and a sense of importance by having the autonomy to make decisions and take responsibilities. According to a small study made by the Gallup organization, Remote workers log more hours per week than the on-site workers.

This means not having a manager monitoring their productivity 24/7 makes the employees more comfortable and engaged in what they’re doing. Eventually, you will be blessed with productive, professional, and happy workers.

11. Pay attention to their aspirations

Do not look at what your employees have achieved, but look at what they aspire to. It enables you to understand the heart and the mind of each one of them. Making your employees recognize that you have faith in them will build trust and loyalty on both sides. These aspects represent an important boost to productivity.

12. The leader of the year

As a top manager, you don’t want to be the person that everybody hates and talks behind their back. But be the person that everybody likes and wants to be like. Try to use your experience and knowledge to teach your subordinates things they ignore, demonstrate, and explain certain things when needed and most of all engage them in your success story. It will inspire them big time…

13. Bonus time!

Many researchers find that intrinsic motivation is the best way to motivate someone. However, extrinsic motivation can be beneficial in some points.

Offering money to your employees may induce their interest in things they’ve ignored before as it can be a sort of positive tangible feedback on their performance. A higher income or even a financial bonus from time to time can be a relief and life quality amelioration.

So, if you find your enterprise’s financial state at ease, don’t hesitate to offer bonuses to the ones who deserve it every once in a while.

14. Opt for home at work

Towards gaining more time and avoiding monotony, you could ask your employees to accomplish certain tasks at home if it’s possible. It will help them regain freedom and easiness.

15. Assign outside missions

Try to assign your employees for outside missions and then limit them with a deadline. This method will give them a big opportunity to meet new people, master their skills, and test themselves on different levels.

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