how to find out if someone is married

How to find out if someone is married?

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Are you looking for the truth about a person, and you need to find out if he is married or not? or maybe you have doubts about a divorce? so, keep reading the full article, we’ll show you exactly how to check marriage status online, we’ll use different methods and the best ways to find the truth.

So, make sure you follow the tips one by one to uncover the truth and save lots of time searching. These are the 7 ways to tell if a guy is married or not online.

7 way to check anyone’s marital status online

1. Use the phone number or full name

This is the fastest, and the best method to check the marital status in the USA. All you have to do is to use a quality reverse phone lookup or background check tool like this powerful tool.

Then, you need to type in the full name or the phone number, and hit the search button. You’ll find lots of personal information about the person and more. If you look for marital status in another country, use the next options.

The tool offers marriage and divorce records under the section “Associated” people. From there, you’ll find more detail about the records and even save them as PDF. So, you’ll find out if he’s married before even going further in your relationships. You don’t want to engage with someone who is a cheater in the end.

Here is a simple overview of what you get in the report. You get phone numbers, address, and social media accounts in parallel with other details like if he is married or divorced.

How to Find out if Someone is Married

Some states have different laws and they can limit the search data, however, this powerful tool does a great job. It scans the web and social media profiles for traces about anyone who was married or have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, etc… So, it’s a must-have option for those who need to find the truth and stop wasting their time.

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2. Start a marriage status search

The above recommended website works well, and it’ the best options. However, we recommend this good tool if you can’t find a result with it.

With this second recommended marriage records site, you’ll need to use any of the available details. So, you can search using the persons’ phone number, or search using his name, just browse their search options and you’ll find the person’s marital status.

marriage records check

3. Use Spokeo

Spokeo is a great place to find marriage records, divorce records and everything you need to know.  Here is the marital status of someone as an example.

marital status

Marital status example

You can search for the person marital status using his full name, and make sure you filter the search results to find the exact person.

In addition, you can use his phone number to find out if he is single or not. On, even more, you can use the property address like home, etc…You can find all these options in one place, all you need is a few minutes of searching.

4. Reveal the truth using social media sites

This is not a secret since billions of people connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. But wait, how to know whether a male is married or not using these social media sites?

In reality, not all people know about the features of these popular websites. In fact, they’re a huge database of personal details about people just like you. Forget the lie of privacy (there is no real privacy online) and check marriage status for free.

These days, you can easily find if a person got married recently or since years by browsing the social media account details. The “about” section on Facebook has lots of details such as marital status etc…

5. Find if someone got married through Facebook

Actually, you can log in to Facebook, and then, search for the man’s or woman’s full name. You can also filter the results by country or state. That will provide accurate results. Next, browse the person’s Facebook photos, and look for mentions of marriage or relationship details.

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There is a secret trick in this search, did you know that the person may have a secret Facebook account? Many do that and they have multiple Facebook accounts. So, how do you know that? Well, use one of the above search tools e mentioned and you’ll find all the social media account of the man.

Then, visit these links and search for photos and information, or even in the posts section or timeline. You’ll be surprised at the number of details you get found there. However, keep the search accurate with the correct detail you type in the search box. The free marriage search trick can save you a lot of time, so, give it a try.

6. Ask their friends

This is not always the case, you may know his friend, but you don’t need to ask. However, you still have the option to secretly ask the man’s friend about “his wife” or “his divorce”. Jets let the conversation looks natural and in the middle, try to indirectly find the answer.

Friends, especially the old ones, talk more about their relationships, their families, and marriage. If someone you know has close friends, then, why not trying this way? It can work.

To find the person’s friend, you can take a look at his Facebook profile, or even know them in the real world. Just be respectful and try to find the truth about marriage without destroying any friendship.

7. Find if someone is married in another country

This is a situation that’s more complicated to deal with, the fact that a man has a wife in another country has many limitations for investigating. If you’re lucky, enough, you can search for marriage records that are public in that country.

There are websites that work only in some countries, however, they have a very small number of records. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Use sites, like white pages, or Yellow pages for example. Or use the above-recommended sites we tried and found trusted and they work.

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There is another trick you can try, use Google search and type in the man’s full name and add “marriage’ at the end. Sometimes, people neglect the documents they shared online, and Google still accesses these documents and index them.

The same thing applies to divorce documents, use Google search or Bing and give them a try. You can find out if someone is engaged easily and fast if there is a document in a search engine index database.


We hope you got a clear idea of how to find out if a guy is married legally, but without asking the person directly. Of course, there are many other ways, but we think, these are the best methods. If you use the recommended options, you’ll never need to hire an investigator like what you found on online articles and social media.

There are many cases where you still have to hire an investigator to find public marriage records. However, that should be your last way, if no method work and you really need a final answer.


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