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How to find someone’s dating profiles by using his email address

Are you looking for real ways to find dating profiles by email address? And you need to reveal those hidden social media accounts at the same time? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the right tool to use to find anyone’s dating profiles by using his email address, phone number or the full name if you want.

Do you have doubts that your wife or girlfriend is cheating and hide dating profiles? Or maybe, you’re a woman and you need to find if your husband or boyfriend is cheating and has secret dating profiles?

So, make sure to test all the following tools we recommend, and if one is not working for you, try the other one Sometimes, algorithms find the links in different ways. So, some tool detects the person dating profile faster than others, and that makes a little difference.

Find someone’s dating profiles through his email address

There are many options and ways, however, not all of them work. So, we’ll focus on the best email address lookup options that really work to find out anyone secret dating profiles. This is valid for both a man and a woman, so, what you need to do is use one of the following tools we tested and recommend.

1. BV (complete background report)

This is the number one email lookup tool that works. In a few seconds, you can lookup the person’s email address and find the related dating profiles. In addition, you’ll find the person’s social media accounts with photos, videos and all the details you wanted to check.

Try this Powerful Search Tool

The great report of this tool comes with all the following details and more:

  • The person’s full name and age
  • The street address and location
  • The phone numbers the person owns
  • Associated people (Great to find if the person has a secret girlfriend or boyfriend)
  • Social media profiles including Facebook etc…
  • The person’s photos and more.

In order to search dating sites at one using email addresses, you need to enable that search option first. So, make sure you click on “Email” as the following example screenshot.

Email search

Now, you’ll get the email search tool, all you have to do is type in an email address, and find dating profiles at once.

How to find dating profiles by email address

In reality, there are more details that the report include, however, that need a long article to describe and list. So, in a few words, this recommended social media profiles finder tool comes with all what you need to know about the person you look for.

Note: This advanced email lookup and background check website may not show you dating profiles. But you get better, social media profiles including the ones that the person hides with photos and more. So, even if there is no a dating account link, you’ll find the person’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus secret accounts.

Even better, you can find associated people and relatives, this you can find his secret girlfriend or boyfriend without his knowing.

2. InfoTracer (cheap email lookup)

This is the second recommend tool to find the person’s dating profiles fast and when you need it. In a few seconds, you can lookup the person’s email address, then, wait for the scan to complete. Finally, you’ll get a clear background check report with social media accounts of the person and that includes his secret dating profiles.

uncover hidden dating profiles

You can access this search tool anywhere you want and from any device like a smartphone, laptop or tablet. The website uses a powerful scanning tool to find information and data in the deepest social media accounts, blogs, websites etc.. So, the user gets personal detail about the person like marriage and divorce records, and more.

Use this Tool and find the Person Details

Other ways to find dating profiles by email address

Sometimes, simplicity can help a lot. So, what you can do is just visit a dating website, then, search for a person’s profile using his email address. That can work, but it takes a long time and you’ll be very lucky if you find a profile. So, give this method a try and see if you can find a dating profile using an email address. There are hundreds of dating sites, like POF, eHarmoney, and more, however, with a simple search using Google, you can find the top 10 sites for example. So, take that list and search for the man’s profile.

Use Google advanced search to find dating profiles

Google is the biggest search engine, and it offers advanced search tool you can use. This time, you’ll search the dating site through Google and you can filter the results. So, first, visit the Google advanced search page, and in this “exact word or phrase” type in the email address that you need to lookup.

Google advanced search

In the domain name field, type a popular dating website like,, and the others. Search for each website separately and you can find the results. Some dating websites have public profiles and even there are settings to disable or enable that. So, for many users, they can neglect that privacy features and make their dating profiles accessible publicly.

Don’t forget Facebook, it’s a social network, but a dating platform for many, especially those who look for a short-term relationship. There are lots of people who use Facebook to communicate with females and of course, these accounts are secrets. The same things apply to females who create secret Facebook accounts to date men without anyone’s knowing.

So, visit the Facebook search page, then, search for the people’s email address. You’ll find a related profile if it exists.

Craigslist is also a big website that millions of people use for many purposes. However, many use Craigslist as a dating website. So, make sure you search for your target email address.

Now, you have an idea about how to find a person’s dating profile using his email address. Make sure to share your feedback if you used any of the above recommended tools and options. Have you used any of these options? Or tried others? If yes, tell us more about them and we’ll be happy to mention them in this article if they work well to find secret dating profiles online.

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