how to find a cheating husband’s phone number he keeps secret

How to find a cheating husband’s phone number he keeps secret

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Are you bogged down with knowing how to find a cheating husband’s phone number he keeps secret from you? Well, as painful as it may be some husbands do cheat on their spouse and you might just have become a victim of such instance. But when you find yourself in such situations what can you do?

Knowing whether a spouse cheats might not be an all too difficult thing to find out. Chances are he will give himself out one way or another. He could begin to display certain signs such as improving his looks, going off to secluded places to answer his cell phone, deleting emails, calls and text histories to keep his tracks discreet.

He might also spend more working time on his computer at home or at the office as well as not being able to account for some of his funds.

The most common act of all is the possession of a secret phone number, a second line you are completely oblivious about.

Once you discover or notice one or some of these signs, get your secret investigation act on and do some snooping on his stuff by checking on some popular dating sites. You need to, however, be specific about your search.

First, look for a secret phone you are sure he uses for such hidden communications. If you find one then you could be certain he most likely has started cheating on you. Here is how and where to begin your search off and online:

Locate a cheating husband’s secret phone number

Sometimes these conventional ways of searching might not yield the desired result for all of us. So you may want to go a step further and use other means as stated below:

1. BV

BV is the hybrid system that’s known to search social media accounts, the web and other necessary places data can be pulled out. Using a filtering method search by entering your husband’s full name and include helpful profile information.

This will give a limited list of people with similar profiles.  The tool will bring out information like his background, associates, relatives and other vital details.

The amazing feature is is that the tool will list all the phone numbers your husband own and keeps secret. So, even if the man has hidden cell phone numbers, you still be able to find them all in one place. It’s an advanced search algorithm that works faster, better, and gives accurate reports.

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2. Search on Facebook

Facebook as a means of searching out a secret phone number cannot be underestimated. Go ahead to type in your husband’s name in the Facebook search bar. Firstly, select his posts to check his profiles for other phone numbers you are not aware of.

You may even find another user account he has since everything is kind of linked up. If the search proves abortive then you can change tactics. Do not limit your search to Facebook but explore other social media sites including WeChat, Snapchat, LinkedIn professional site, Twitter, etc.

When searching other social network sites you need to look out for a particular person with a common relationship with him across all platforms. Look out for the nature of their activities, if you could see discussions and patterns your husband is yet to tell you about.

3. Dating sites

Search multiple dating sites including Tinder to see if your husband’s profile would come up and to check his links to others. You could also check Craigslist to see what turns up. Sites like Tinder could throw up some unfamiliar names, phone numbers, and activities for you to look out for in order to do a search for their phone number.

Even Craiglist’s “Missed Connections” might throw up his activities and possible number he might have given out to be contacted by someone. And if you do not have that number then that’s most likely your secret number.

4. InfoTracer

Just by typing in a full name and location, this tool will give you all the information you need. It gives you a profile and its multiple phone numbers. To get a full report on your husband and his activities just click on his name, this tool is that effective.

5. Use spyware (not recommended)

Using this method will require you to get your husband’s IMEI number which can be done by typing #06# on his mobile phone. Then you can install spyware to track his movement, texts and emails sent or received.

This method of tracking the other woman will only work once you have discovered his second phone. Be cautious with this software because of legalities on spyware issues. Note that installing software on a person’s device without their permission has legal implications.

6. Bing is more reliable

Bing comes as personally oriented and will go the extra mile to search for addresses other than a phone number. So tracking down your husband as he makes physical contact with the other woman becomes easy.

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7. Google

One great way to find your husband’s second phone number is on Google. Google search engine has the capacity to pull out all manner of information that has been placed on the internet.

Your search could be productive if you can patiently pull related profiles to your husband’s and filter it until it narrows down to more specific details about him. And if a second number pops up, then you must be in luck.

8. Truthfinder tool

Truthfinder offers great and exceptional possibilities with finding out information about a cheating spouse. It is easy and fast. Just by entering the name, Truthfinder will call out information such as location history, contact details, social media profiles, links to online activities, etc.

In the case where your husband has written his lover’s number with a different name, just write out all suspicious numbers into a reverse phone lookup and Truthfinder will pull out a matching face and name to the number entered.

You can then proceed to do an online background check on the person. Chances are the other woman might have more physical evidence of these activities together on her social media pages.

Things to watch for with a cheating husband’s phone

Watch him like a hawk

Whenever he comes in from work; observe where he goes to first. On some other day when he is out, go on to search the room for the phone. Ensure that he doesn’t get suspicious of you otherwise he would do a great job at hiding it from you. 

Check other rooms

Apart from the room he enters first immediately he returns from work, check other places he uses frequently like the garage or basement. You can also check his stuff like a briefcase, sports bag or any or personal stuff he owns.

Don’t forget the car 

You can deliberately leave your things in the car on the pretense that you forgot it. Then you can go back to check every part of the car; the dashboard, pigeonhole, under the seat, etc. When he is not looking check the trunk but remember the rule is not to get caught in the act of snooping around.

Check the web browser history 

If he uses the family computer often and spends long hours there, then this is another place to consider. Check the browser history and look at the recent pages he viewed. Also check his email for any suspicious financial transactions to suspicious places such as restaurants, hotels or any other place one can have a social meeting. 

Consider his phone

There might be a possibility of his getting a call, text or WhatsApp message on his regular phone, so don’t ignore that too! Use sleep hours, bathing time or any other opportunity to go through his phone. Check the call log, message history and any other thing that can give you a clue.

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Though this might be a little challenging, particularly as you do not know the specific number you are looking for.

It is advisable you use a phone numbers finder tool for your search. It will help you locate the numbers he keeps secret. You can be rest assured that you are secure because the reverse lookup services have a guarantee of confidentiality, your search will not be discovered, traced or noticed at all.

Check his notifications

Once you can get hold of his phone without his knowledge, go to his setting and locate the Application manager, this will show you all installed applications on his phone.

Check apps such as Google+ or system UI, these will display a “read contact” or “modify contact” as well as the time of action. Continue your search till you find what you are looking for.

Remember the central idea behind the above searches is to help give a clue to locating any unfamiliar or suspicious activity around a number. It might show reoccurring actions frequently and be able to locate the phone might give you the chance to locate such activities.

if you cannot lay hold of his phone then you really might not get much from the above measures.

It could really hurt searching out your husband in this manner but to get to the truth in need to be careful not to raise suspicion using any of the above measures.

One measure might not yield all the result but multiple measures might help you nail it pretty fast. But whatever the case, you need to be sure you are not just being paranoid and too suspecting of your husband because they could be also that possibility he is not cheating. And you just might ruin the trust and relationship with too much suspicion.


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