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Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites with Name

There are many tools to reverse lookup numbers without the need for a credit card and you get the name, however, not all of them work. So, you’ll just waste the time with useless websites claiming they can find the owner of a cell phone number at no charge.

The bad news is that you can’t find whose number is this for free if it’s private, the phone directories online list public numbers with names.

The good news is that there are a few free tools you can use and find the owner’s first name and last name. Or, if you can’t find any result, you still have the choice to use a premium tool.

Don’t just say, it’s costly and not worth it, these people work days and nights to build powerful algorithms, then, they combine a huge number of databases and data to let you find the real owner of mobile phones and callers with one click.

So, if you need a phone lookup and it’s urgent, then, use this premium tool. On the other side, if you’re not in a hurry, and you can spend the time searching, then, use any of the following options we recommend.

Please note, some options work better than others, so give them a try first and you can lookup any telephone number. If you find no details, make sure you copy and paste the number, that’s better to avoid any mistake.

Free reverse phone lookup with name at no cost

1. Use Facebook

Yes, it works, Facebook is our best reverse phone lookup tool in this article. The fact that the website has millions of members is fascinating. In addition, with millions of people visit Facebook each day, there is more data that the website collects and classifies for different purposes like marketing, and so on.

The little trick that works well is to type in the Facebook search box the phone number you want to lookup. Then, click on it when it appears or just click the search button. If there is a Facebook, account that used that number to signup, you’ll find it with the full name, that’s what you’re looking for in the end,  and it’s totally free of charge.

2. White pages

This is an absolutely free reverse phone lookup site in the USA. Don’t just think it doesn’t work, it worked, but not for all the numbers. The White Pages is a great source of information that you can use anytime. The website lets you reverse lookup cell phone and also landline numbers, and then, find the name in the report.

What you have to do is just browse the details you get. Don’t just close the page and say you found no details. We tried White pages and it provides the real owner of a phone number, but if you can’t get any detail, then use the next option.

Also, if you find posts and not accounts, try to follow their sources, you can get additional details. If someone talked about that number in a Facebook group, for example, you can read the post. Who knows, you can find who owns that number.

The White Pages does not work for unlisted and private phone numbers. So, if you don’t know the number yet, then, you need to find the caller ID.

3. Craigslist

In terms of size, Craigslist is the biggest classified website in the USA and also in the world. In addition, it’s among the biggest and most visited 100 websites in the world. So, the website has more to offer in addition to ads and posts.

That small search box on Craigslist can save you a lot of time searching for people. So, copy and paste the exact phone number and search for it. There are always possibilities that the person has posted ads there or added a comment on forum posts etc…

If you know where the phone number is from, you can visit the Craigslist website for that region and starts the search again.

4. Give Pipl a try

Pipl is a good place online to find who owns a phone number, and that’s without the need for Paypal or any payment method. Of course, we can’t compare its search algorithm to premium options, however, it worked many times. What we don’t like most about Pipl is their problem with spelling numbers.

For example, if you add the number with spaces, the tool may not give any result. However, when you enter the US number correctly without space or characters, there are more chances to get the person behind it.

Completely Free Reverse Phone lookup with Name

The website reveals the real owner of a phone number and provides the detail you look for including

  • The person’s first name
  • Their last name and more like the location


So, now, you can start a reverse phone lookup instantly, then, find the caller’s name, location, and that’s absolutely at no cost in the new world of data and private databases, it’s not easy.

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