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Best Websites to Buy an Engagement Ring

Is there any good website that sells quality engagement rings? And what about quality and pricing? Where should you search to find real jewelry and Diamond? Keep reading, and I’ll show you the top trusted and most affordable place to purchase rings for yourself, a friend, or for a family member.

For this article, I will be using websites for many of the ones I will list they do have store locations available in select locations. You can find which places have store locations if the website lists a location tab. I will also include a portion for those that have metal allergies since this makes buying wedding rings a harder process.

I personally have metal allergies so I can give you an idea of how to handle this process. For those that are not sure if they have an allergy or sensitivity to metal, I can help you find a wonderful product you will love that will last a lifetime.

Remember the higher the quality of the product the longer the product lasts. This is the same with jewelry of every kind whether it is a ring, a necklace or a bracelet. The nice bonus of places such as the ones I will list they often have options that match your new rings so you can coordinate in style.

Places to buy rings for marriage online

1. Blue Nile

The nice thing about the Blue Nile is that you can engrave many of their rings. They offer gold from fourteen karats up, platinum, tungsten, cobalt, and sterling silver.

The bands are pure metal the white gold is rhodium plated. This allows it to withstand daily wear, so it does not dull as easily.

Which means luckily that it is safe for those that have allergies to nickel and nonsurgical steel; while the prices are a bit high remember quality matters? The real diamonds and pure metal will withstand the passing of time and will allow you to pass this on for generations.

They also have a guide that explains the differences in diamonds since they all have classes.

Where some are cheaper because they have inner flaws, and others flawless, another thing is clarity the clearer the diamond the better it is. They also offer designer rings from vast collections that match other pieces on the website.

2. Zales: the diamond store

One majorly nice thing about Zales is that you can design your own ring from the band to the setting to the stone. They also offer engraving on the bands that are wide enough to accept it. They also offer the diamond guide so you can pick a great stone in the shape and clarity you wish to have.

The metals they use are gold, cobalt, platinum, sterling silver, titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, and zirconium. They also have ceramic items; those are just detailed pieces and not the entire ring.

The zirconium metal comes in black for those that like the look. The gold comes in ten to eighteen karat you want to use the highest karat possible for those with allergies. Zales has store locations in select states as well.

3. Kay jewelers

This is another company with store locations in select places, they offer engraving and build ring options. The metals they offer are gold, sterling silver, platinum, palladium, tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt. The gold karats go from ten to fourteen.

The thing is if you choose lower karat gold you can still wear it just be sure it has sterling silver for the core metal. They use the lower karat gold because it can withstand being worn without damage.

4. Black hills gold jewelry

The nice thing about black hills gold is that it comes from South Dakota; it is mine and created in the same area. The karat levels vary from ten to twenty-four; they also have the option of being part Wyoming silver as well.

Since both Wyoming and South Dakota share the black hills they can both use the title. The leaf design is common with the black hills gold.

The gold is high quality and the silver is always sterling you can get stones or just have the leaves. You can get the rings engraved you just cannot build them from the start. They are easy to have resized and the company will resize them if you need it.

5. Peoples

This one is for our Canadian friends; they have store locations there. They will ship to the USA and Mexico as well. The company does have engraving they just do not offer personalized rings besides that. The metals they use are gold, cobalt, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten.

The karats for gold go from ten to eighteen. They do offer resizing options and will exchange order if it is incorrect. For the engraving they will only resize the item, so be sure you are fully sure you want the ring before you have it engraved.

Why the ring quality?

Many ask why do we want quality when the appearance is what matters. The thing is no matter how pretty the ring is if it is of poor quality it will degrade and become ugly within a few weeks to a few years. When lesser quality metal is used it rubs off on the skin often leaving a green ring.

For those allergic, it also leaves an itchy feeling and red mark. The stone will often end up either falling out of the setting or dulling in appearance.

A real diamond will still shine once it has been properly cleaned. While cubic zirconia will dull and scratch. With this article, I will include places that offer real diamonds as well as the cubic zirconia.

In many cases some just want the ring metal to be the quality while the stone is just for show. You want your ring to last for years by wearing it every day; this means you need quality metal.

Some places also offer extra benefits such as picking your own setting. Others offer to swap a stone in the current setting if you wish to have a different look; Such as using a Sapphire stone instead of the Amethyst. This makes the ring look blue with gold instead of purple with gold.

Some companies have Sapphires in multiple colors, the bluestone is the most common, you can also get, pink, white, green, red, and purple. In many cases, you need to tell the store if you want the colored sapphire stone or the actual stone of the color. So in this case, you will want to tell the store you want the actual Amethyst instead of the purple sapphire.

For diamonds, you also find an option called lab-created. This means it was man-made in a laboratory, it is still a real diamond it is just less rare. A diamond that is not laboratory-created is going to cost you more.

Both the diamonds in this category are still worth value later. Many of the birthstones we know can be lab-created or found in the ground. They are both beautiful stones so you can save some money by getting a laboratory-created stone versus the mined stones.

Another thing to keep in mind with diamonds is that many of the mined stones come from Africa. They are often categorized as conflict diamonds because of bloodshed created to obtain them. Laboratory diamonds do not have this label and look just as pretty and withstand just as much.

For those that inherit diamonds from our elders, they are often pre-conflict diamonds. The distinction started around world war two when the need for diamonds started to increase. Diamonds are used in many things other than jewelry, manufacturing uses them in equipment.

How do you tell if a place is worth the money spent?

I will help you figure that out, with the options they offer that you want to find. If you wish to personalize your ring I will tell you if the service is offered. For some, they will take an older piece of jewelry like a ring and reset it to look the way you like.

Some allow for you to start from the beginning picking out your metal, the setting, and the stone including any side stones. This is a great option for those that want this experience. The option of finding a ready-made setting is still a great option for those that wish to look and not have to have it built.

Words to know:

  • Gold Vermeil Jewelry uses sterling silver which has been gold plated
  • Gold-Filled Jewelry employs a process in which gold is bonded to a base metal alloy such as nickel or brass.
  • Gold Plated Jewelry employs a base metal which is then electroplated with gold.

Metal allergy safe options

  • Tungsten,
  • Palladium,
  • Surgical stainless steel,
  • Platina Four,
  • Platinum,
  • Cobalt,
  • Titanium,
  • Sterling Silver,
  • Gold at 18K or 14K with a sterling silver core
  • A wedding ring is a wonderful item you will wear every day. You want it to be of good quality so it will last you years of long term use. You also have the option later to give it to your family later such as your children or grandchildren. All rings are timeless in their own ways wear yours with pride.

Keep in mind that quality is everything is Jewelry, you don’ need to buy from any store, but from the top trusted websites with verified businesses and real people.

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