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Best Websites to Watch TV Shows and Full Length Movies Online

Watching television in the traditional way has become boring and not exciting for many people who can no longer enjoy watching their favorite movies, series, or any other programs because of the breaks that take place during the TV show for publicity and advertising.

Also, watching TV in that way can be very expensive. Many channels are not accessible. You must pay to have access to them. In addition, this way is not convenient all the time. Sometimes, your TV program or football match is broadcast when you are not at home.

So obviously you can miss them because you cannot take the TV set with you. The question that we can ask here « Is there a way to replace the TV set? »

To watch TV, there is no need for a set to enjoy your favorite shows whenever and wherever you are. What you only need is a fast internet connection and to know how and where to find the best sites.

What is at stake is finding the best sites. You need to be careful because some sites oblige you to sign in for fees. Other ones will require that you complete a boring survey, which is obviously a waste of time and may also load your computer with a virus.

Using the internet for watching TV programs is easier and more convenient. There are myriads of websites that provide free TV streaming for about 5000 channels.

Of course, you must have a fast internet connection and knowledge to access websites that are not restricted. Thus, when you want to watch TV channels via the Internet, you may face the risk of restriction for some countries.

Some websites are not offering full episodes. They ask for a subscription, logging in, or paying. Other websites are offering easy access to intriguing and wonderful programs. The problem that may face anyone who looks for websites that stream TV shows is that it can be exhausting to look for the channels.

Watching TV shows and full length movies online

Here I am trying to give a list of the best websites that you can use for movie streaming and tv watch easily and without paying any money. These are the most convenient websites you should know if you want to watch high-quality TV online.

1. Netflix

Everybody knows Netflix, it’s popular, good, and also a personal way to find your best programs. The company offers high-quality streaming media and online video on demand. Netflix offers a one-month free trial, and then, you can cancel anytime without a problem.

You can add the movies to your best TV, which includes, Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, and others.

Netflix is a multilingual Tv streaming company, millions of people use their service around the US and also the world with proxies and VPN software.

This is a premium service, it costs $7 per month to month payment and of course, the first month is completely free.

2. Curcira.eu

It’s one of the best free movie websites where you find famous series, current episodes, and of course movies. This website is famous for its passion to entertain its viewers as it posts the latest news.

It’s also the best place where you can watch your favorite programs and the best TV shows online. It’s meant to break down any frontiers between people by creating blogs and fostering discussions among its members.

3. Hulu

If you want easy access to TV programs, documentaries, films, etc. Hulu is one of the most popular companies owned by Time Warner now. It’s very convenient as it posts up-to-date videos to keep its viewers up with their favorite shows, documentaries, or anything else.

Hulu offers a free trial for one week, if you like their service, you can continue with the paid subscription.

It starts from $7.99 per month and you can browse through your TV series, simply you can use the bar to type your favorite program that you are eager to watch.

4. YouTube

YouTube is not only the second series engine and social network, also, it’s a huge source of TV programs and movies. You can find lots of series and your best shows with a simple search. Thousands of YouTube channels use free movie streaming as TV companies to distribute amazing programs for free.

5. BBC iplayer

The BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming service for TV in the United Kingdom. It broadcasts a variety of BBC TV shows. It’s the best place to find the latest news, business, weather, and sports. This website entitles its viewers to catch up on any program they missed.

6. Crackle

You can keep track of the program or anything you are currently watching. This is a great website that offers free service to all the recent platforms. You can enjoy watching them not only on your personal laptop but also on your mobile phone just by downloading the application on the phone.

You can have a personal account on this website, but it’s not compulsory. You still can watch the shows you want without any subscription.

Crackle distributes original Hollywood movies and programs. So, don’t worry about the quality with this site, you get the best.

Additionally, Crackle let you watch free streaming movies online with daily updating. Also, they add movies you can’t find anywhere else about Drama, action, or comedy.

What I liked most about this site is the ability to pause and resume your best movie on desktops and mobile devices. So, you can switch between your smartphone and tablet and continue watching from the last time you paused the video.

The site supports Android OS, iPhone, XBox, Apple TV and much more.

7. Shush.se

If you want another site to watch TV online for free Shush.se is a very good one. It has an interesting design for navigation. What is original in this website is that there are no ads. So you can enjoy watching videos without getting bored or disturbed with the best video quality.

I noticed some pop-ups on their website, and that’s not good for the user experience. So, make sure to close them if you see ads, and exclude the window of watching that you get.

8. Tubeplus.me

This site is highly recommended as it has a nice selection and it can show you which shows are the most popular. Tubeplus is very popular as it has a nice layout. Its strong database makes it original because it has thousands of series, movies, and more. Thus, if you are in search of a website to watch TV online, you really must try this one.

They offer a rating system, so, you can vote for the video you watched and let the others know about its quality. That way, you only follow the best series that others enjoyed and voted for.

The top 10 list of episodes helps a lot as you get the most popular programs to watch instead of searching for them. You can find that option on the right page on their site’s homepage.

9. Tubi TV

Tube TV is a great alternative to online TV, as it offers free videos to their avid viewers. If you look for something different and original Tubi TV is what you are really looking for. This site distinguishes itself by offering movies and series you can’t find on popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

If you like Cultural programs, old or modern documentaries, you’ll find your best title on this recommended site. Furthermore, it’s a completely free movie streaming service with thousands of videos, series, and TV programs to choose from.

10. BlinkX

It’s a website to get videos that thousands of people shared and watched. With BlinkX, you can find top shows and films online. BlinkX is one of the video search engines that enable people to search the web for videos.

You can use their categories option from the right corner of the site. You can find programs about Family, health, fitness, and of course, celebrities.

11. OV Guide

This website is very practical because it offers thousands of programs for their passionate watchers. It does not post TV shows, but it will guide you through directions to find where you can watch them. So, OV Guide directs users to the right platforms.

OV Guide lets you watch free full-length movies, also, you can find full-length documentaries and specific orientation videos. You can filter the arch by Bollywood, Hollywood, and animation movies, and things like hats. Just give it a try, and you’ll like it.


These are the actual best place online for video streaming and TV shows. You can take a look and browse their programs, and then, sleet the one that works better for your internet connection and condition.

Some websites will work better on a fast internet connection while others can work properly even on smartphones. If you have a good quality website and want to share it, please content me and I’ll add it to this lie that should be updated at least every month.

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