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Top 11 Common Teenage Girl Problems

The society imposes hard terms on ladies by expecting them to look their best all the time, which is harder than what you think.

Unfortunately, no one, except girls themselves, will ever know the real kind of struggle unless they live it at least once in their lives.

Girls are always underestimated, and that makes their first common problem, around the earth, many girls have grown with low self-esteem. Even though they are very smart and with nice appearance, they have this pressure inside that makes them feel like they’re never enough.

1. Periods

Let’s start with the most painful, Menstruation, the monthly torture is present, the uterus is literally playing with knives down there. Imagine the fortune you spend each year on pads, tampons, and painkillers… It’s just too much, really. Not mentioning the awful feeling during the whole process.

Once, you sneeze… It’s like satans sacrificial waterfall. When we finally reach menopause, we think we are safe by then, but a whole new kind of torture starts.

Now the second reason why do females have harder lives: BIRTH GIVING we all heard about how painful childbirth naturally is but do we really?

The human body can handle up to 45 DEL, and according to “fact from fiction”, giving birth equals 57 DEL, which is similar to break twenty bones at a time…And that’s my ladies, is called being a superwoman.

2. Shaving

One more reason that makes you feel better being a guy, shaving. Not talking about a mustache or beard… We’re talking about azilianbr waxing, razor bumps, cutting yourself accidentally, waking up early to shave legs, being ready for the beach the whole summer…

Waxing and sugaring might not seem that painful, but try waxing your entire legs, sir, in winter, just because the opposite sex doesn’t fancy it or finds it disgusting.

3. Makeup

For some reason, all girls are willing to become makeup artists. They use all kinds of creams and primers, concealers, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, lip liner, bronzers, and the list goes on.

4. Plastic surgery

They are turning themselves to “barbies” by using all fake kits of beauty (fake lashes, fake nails, hair extensions, lip bumpers, eye contacts, bleaching pills… Okay, there is no problem with using them to feel good about yourself, but that is just too much, ladies.

Before you go under the knife, think of how fake you’ll look later. Everybody will know you were uncomfortable in your own skin and think about what if something goes wrong. So, you probably end up hating yourself and the decision in the first place you might end up looking like a monster.

As well, if you don’t appreciate your natural beauty, and you keep trying to change the way you look and trying to be somebody else.

5. Feeling good about yourself

You were born beautiful, no matter how bad you think you look, it’s because you put yourself in comparison with others, especially, celebrities.

You should know that they look so perfect for you because their makeup artist is doing well, and the camera and lighting are good, don’t forget Photoshop too.

We all know that stars Photoshop their pics before posting them, and they have professional people who take their pictures every day… That’s how it works, they’re not prettier than you, they’re just fakers.

It is not impossible to attend beauty standards, it’s just the difference of meaning that the word beauty is for each one of us.

6. Unreachable beauty standards

That tight waist, and perfect glowing skin, full lips, big breasts, tight butt, sexy figure, beautiful smile…It’s never enough. Beauty comes in all kinds and shapes, you’re a superwoman, you’re beautiful, we must keep that in mind. Here’s a song lyrics that might cheer you.

I know that women face another kind of problem daily, choosing what to wear.

FACT:  women spend about five months picking outfits in their lives.

It is hard, no girl can deny it, finding an outfit that actually fits, and looks fashionable and not so old, with matching shoes and accessory, is just hard.

7. Shopping: top or flop?

Maybe as hard as shopping, because of the various options and sales and designs, you will get you lost. Shops are competing to have more customers, and we females are just looking for the best quality and lower prices of course. And one more thing, TO BUY MORE ITEMS.

8. All kinds of troubles

There are different problems that face females at each different stage of life. Mostly starts in adolescence. The very sensitive age because of the fast hormonal flow, when the body changes and even the body image itself changes.

Also, the knowledge about the opposite sex, most teenage girls have their first crush when they reach adolescence, according to “Psychology Today” website.

9. First crush: innocent love

These crushes play very important roles in a teenager’s life, according to many sources of information and research. Daydreaming about “prince charming”, and fantasizing about him might harm girls, and keep them from reaching goals. For that, mothers should be aware of how to treat a teenage lover. teenage girl problems with guys may end up with more complicated situations, so, we should all advise them.

10. What should a mom do?

A mother’s role should consist of helping and giving advice, not preventing and grounding. Otherwise, a rebellious attitude will take place and stop the connection between a girl and her family.

11. Adolescence at female’s life

It is an exciting stage of life because later decisions will be related at some point. Maturity is built based on this particular age too, for that, it’s the most important stage. Although girls have been known for calmer behavior, they still need a shoulder to lay on and someone who pays attention to their needs in order to build a strong successful personality.

Girls need to be raised by a well-cultivated mother to have a good image of herself and feel comfy in her own skin, and of course, high self-esteem.

Finally, we conclude that females are standing still, no matter how hard their issues might be, and no matter how much pressure, society puts on them.

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