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12 Tips to Work Out in the Morning and Stay Motivated

Okay… Let’s be a little honest over here, waking up early and hitting the gym was never an easy mission. It can be difficult and quite tough sometimes. However, morning exercise can be your golden secret recipe for a fit, fabulous body, and a healthy lifestyle.

We can stay all day talking about the benefits of working out in the morning, but now, it may sound impossible to get familiar with the idea of sweating all over at 6 A.M, but bit by bit it will become a lot easier if you follow these 12 simple tips ahead.

How to wake up early to exercise

1. Take it easy

Morning workouts are designed for plain activities, so the last thing you want to do is to exhaust your body, especially if you were a starter, it will only discourage you and suck the energy out of you, like who in the world would want to spend the rest of their day walking the streets like some kind of a zombie! You need to keep it cool, sweet, and short. So, make sure you don’t overpass 20 minutes of training.

Example of an easy morning workout

What you simply want is to make that heart of yours pump more oxygenated blood to your organs and elevate your metabolism with easy/quick steps.
You can manage to do that by preparing a good morning workout routine for each day of your week.

For example:

  • Monday: 5 pushups / 10 lunges each side, 3 sets / 45 second planks, 3 sets
  • Tuesday: 10 pushups, 2 sets / 30 crunches, 2 sets / 30 bicycles, 2 sets Etc…

2. Sleep well

Keep in mind that sleep has a major impact on your performance, whether it’s physical or mental.

Any deprivation in sleep would disable your body from repairing muscles and releasing growth hormones.
Such dysfunctions will lead you to a state where you’re less prepared to concentrate and engage in mental or physical activities.

Sleep like a baby
“Sleep like a baby,” tells everything.

Make sure you avoid any kind of caffeine drinks at night because it will keep your body awake and mess your night up. Also, avoid eating heavy meals because the last thing you need is some heartburn in addition to the rush of flavor.

3. Put that record on

Put on some workout music or any kind of music you particularly like when you’re working out. It doesn’t matter if they’re ambient sounds or bumping beats, the point is to get the necessary motivation you need.

Music can be a mood savior and a sort of distraction from fatigue, negative thoughts, and feelings of discouragement.

According to Brunel University Dr. Karageorghis, who is a reader in sports psychology at Brunel University, explains:

Music can significantly increase a person’s physical endurance and make the experience of cardiovascular exercise far more positive.

So, next time you decide to exercise in the morning, ignite the ambiance with a little noise!

4. Use some cold water

If you find yourself way too lazy in the morning, use some cold water by having pre-workout showers. Now it may seem horrifying to start your day with exposing yourself to low-temperature water.

 Cold shower Preworkout

However the shock you’ll cause to your body will increase your heart rate and improve circulation by directing more blood flow to your core. So, it’s like a natural warm-up!. It will also help with protecting and warming your internal organs. This will keep you energized all day and boost your morals for an early morning workout.

5. Tease your brain

Let’s say you’re willing to wake up at 6 A.M, don’t just set an alarm for 6 A.M. But set another 15 minutes earlier, which means for 5:45 A.M.

More than one alarm is annoying, but an effective way to wake up because it keeps teasing your brain simultaneously.

This will eliminate the possibility of surrendering to sleep and help you wake up faster.
Extra Tip: Sleep with curtains half-closed to enable the light to come into your room the next morning.

6. Amend priorities

When you decide to work out in the morning, then you’re not just adding an extra activity to your everyday life, but taking your lifestyle on a different route.

Therefore, you need to be 100% committed and willing to face the change. If you find it a little hard, then you can help yourself out with a few amendments in your priorities.

Put your everyday morning workout the first thing on your “to do list” and never miss it like any other important task. It will transform into a habit and you’ll get the hang of it after a short period of time.

7. One goal at a time

Setting goals is the most important thing for any new project, but don’t ever take it too far. Don’t promise yourself to do 50 pushups when you can only do 15.

Keep your goals rational and compatible with the amount of time and energy you reserved for your morning workout because not achieving them will only disappoint you and destroy your high spirit. Just keep it simple…

8. Feed your courage

Here is a small but effective thing you can do. Search the internet for “morning workout quotes” and you’ll find a bunch of pictures.

Pick the pictures you find cool, print them, and hang them in your room or bathroom. It will feed your courage and determination and give you a good morale boost every single time you look around. Even for a short daily 10-minute workout, that can help a lot.

9. Challenge yourself

Maybe working out in the morning is another great favor you can do your body. But, think about it as a self-challenge and challenge yourself with it, because when you do it you’ll feel a certain victory and overcome failure and fear.

You will become a stronger and more courageous person, so maybe a challenge doesn’t look very appealing, but it works like a stimulant drug!

Working out first thing in the morning is what successful people do, so why not you?

10. Reward yourself

Don’t hesitate to turn your breakfast into something luxurious. Make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated after a workout and treat your body and soul with a good, delicious, decent meal instead of cereals.

Maybe make yourself a nice blueberry, banana pancakes, waffles, or anything you love eating.

Treating yourself well after the workout is something you deserve, it will keep you motivated and wanting for more.

11. Don’t compromise

Don’t leave room for any kind of compromises unless you’re really, really sick or engaged in something important.
Keep in mind that determination is the first thing you need to focus on. So, if you compromise many times, you’ll lose a little of your determination bit by bit and you’ll quit after a short period of time.

12. Remind yourself

When you feel discouraged to wake up early, remind yourself why you ever started this thing in the first place, maybe wake up that conscience first?!


These are easy tips to stay motivated when you do exercises in the morning and never lose control. Follow these recommendations and you’ll see results as soon as possible. Have other tips to share? Use the comment box below and tell us about your suggestions, tips, or experience.

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