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How to Manifest your Desires in 10 Steps

Want to manifest your desires? And you need the power of manifestation to have everything you need in life? So, keep reading as we’ll show you how to do that with the best practices and tips.

10 basics to release your desires

1. Clear your mind

First things first; you must clear your mind. If you’re one of those people who have a crazy life style then, you should probably take a step back to reassemble all your thoughts and perceptions. Take time off from all your obligations and try to remove all the distractions out of your soul and brains just to be able to think properly.

2. State your desire

Ask yourself one simple question: is this what I really want? If it’s not then the next question must be: what do I want then? Nobody will ever answer that question but you obviously.

Look within you… anybody got to be after something even if it was tiny. It doesn’t matter how people perceive your desire; it doesn’t matter how big is it; what really matters is how much you know what you want.

3. Feel it!

This is about letting your thought inform the feeling. Like we said before; emotion is the other twin of a thought. Disconnecting your thoughts from your feelings is like running inside a hamster wheel; you’re not really moving while making so much effort. So embrace your desire; feel it…

4. Visualize

This is the tricky part. Now let me tell you a little secret about the way out subconscious mind works. Unlike actual conscience; subconscious can never distinguish the difference between what’s real and what is imaginary. So, whatever you say to it is the truth.

This way your subconscious will start to deal with your desire as if it’s already done, and that’s the part where your energy attracts the energy of whatever it is you want. The more you allow your visualization to be vivid and real, the more your vibration will get higher.

5. Go beyond physical limitation

As modern-day beings; our lives consume most of our time and sum our existence in only actual, physical presence. Now with all the media and distractions; our relationship with nature, yet with ourselves is basically non-existent.

So what you need you to do is to create an inner sanctuary where you can feel like letting go of all the attachments and rising to a world where you can be free of everything, even of your own body.

6. Remain peace

Remain Peace is actually a code for ‘ignore external noise’. External noise, in other words, is peoples’ blabbering. You need to know that people will never cease to throw their opinions everywhere, anywhere.

Don’t let the noise hold your inner light to glow upon your faith. Try to care less about external noise and remain peaceful within you.

7. Trust the universe

You need to know that the universe has got your back! It might sound a little unusual to hear, but it’s just that simple. Again; the universe catches up with your energy and your desires come into form. So Just relax… You won’t regret it.

8. Spend time with your desire

Consider your desire as this new plant you implanted. No matter how much time you have to spend on wanting it, you must water it belief every day.

9. Kill negativity

Just get rid of it, negative thoughts are like these annoying parasites; there is no way you could deal with the negative but to simply get rid of them. Whenever a bad thought comes to your mind shut it down; kill it. Say no to it.

10. Beware depleting your energy

This is about depleting your energy with bad habits. Now we all have bad habits like procrastination for example. Bad habits are what drain out our energy and it’s just not going to help us start manifesting and make the process any easier… so, better find a way out there too!

Other tips

Well… after diving too deep into the world of manifestation; there are few things anybody needs to know.

We’re not only physical creatures, our universal existence is never limited to the actual dimensions of our bodies but to something even more complex.

We are practically vibrational and energetic beings interfering within a universe that is as much energetic and vibrational as we are.

We’ve heard wise men before; we’ve heard scientists; we’ve heard motivational speakers… everyone talked about that one simple magic thing: Releasing your desires?—sounds plain right!? Well… it could be.

Many among us wish for a million thing; many among has have dreams and plans and even the will to reach their goals but never do eventually…

So how do we get from regular creatures to richer ones; emotionally, mentally, and materially speaking? How do go from A to B and what does that have to do with our existence as energetic/vibrational beings? What are the techniques?

Keep reading to find out more…

The fundamental secret of manifestation is belief. Belief is what we call the conscious energy of our existence. In a simpler term; if you’re a nuclear weapon your belief must be that subtle atomic energy that moves within you—merely; you could blow a planet fella!

Belief as many would

Perceive, is a dual of emotions and repetitive thoughts. A thought, to begin with, has the capability of thinking within and upon itself, which is the basic definition of intelligence.

A thought my friend, is your best friend because it is what’s going to draw your energy into focus in order to manifest that energy into matter. However, a thought is not enough which makes you in need of the second partner of the dual: emotions. Emotions are that extra force energy that will enhance your focused thoughts.

The more you maintain your emotionally encountered thoughts in focus; the more energy you will transmit to the world around you. The more you experience the belief of having what you signal, the more you will have it.

In fact, energy attracts energy; it’s the law of attraction. In plain words, whatever happens to you, whatever the world has to offer you (whether good or bad) is only the reflection of your own belief.

Consider it as a mirror

There is one more thing you need to know though; there are three levels of vibration to realize:

  • Level 3: Unhappiness
  • Level 2: Monotony
  • Level 1: Joy

Generally, people oscillate between level 2 and 3; so whether they’re depressed or, doing things just because they have too—basically robots. Such kinds of people have a low tolerance for persistence; they keep getting worse while happy people just keep getting happier! Nah the universe is not unfair; they are unfair to themselves!

What’s already in motion will continue in motion, unless an opposing force emerges to shut or neutralize it—Keep that in mind.

The meaning is; if you ever had a positive thought about something and things didn’t go well you should know that the negative energy within you has unintentionally neutralized that positive subtle little positive thought.

So, what you need to do is to push forward; fail and try again then fail then try again because that’s the only thing that will build a higher vibration and strengthen your energy and trust me… You have no idea on how much strength you can reach—Nada!

Anyway; let’s take it to the playing field, shall we…?

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