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Eclectic Decorating Style Guide with Examples and Tips

Imaginative, colorful, Abstract and unexpected… That’s how I like to describe the eclectic style. —I mean, who doesn’t love some vintage glamour mixed with shabby chic or elegant French style!

Generally speaking, the word eclectic derives from eclecticism, which is a conceptual approach that isn’t limited to one single model, but consists of multiple models and ideas –It’s rather a smart mix…

Eclectic style can be a perfect choice for the ones who like to opt for more than one single aspect of decoration, and hate structuring themselves with stylistic boundaries.

With eclectic interior design, you should

Feel it

Maintaining an eclectic style in interior design can be a little tricky and sometimes hard to understand and deal with. It’s more than just a borrowing of a variety of styles. Combining items coming from different time periods and origins needs a lot of effort, thinking and a sense of creativity.

You need to feel each element and its relationship with the other elements. The harmony you want to create inside your place needs to come out of your own perspective, preference, and taste. You’ll know it’s right when you feel like it.

Love it or leave it

Eclectic style is not a particular or defined style, but it’s a very particular choice that people would make. Some people may like it and some may not. It’s just a matter of sense. Some find eclectic decorating ideas for living rooms and apply them, and others just read about the design, so, everyone has a different point of view.

Be accurate

There is a very thin line between eclecticism and chaos. Just because you can throw different elements together doesn’t mean you can always get away with it.

It might strip your place out of energy and leave you with a real mess. But if you learn how to do it well, you will just fall for it. Consider hiring an expert if you find it a little difficult.

Things to consider going for an eclectic style

1. Paint

The paint on the wall, floor, and window plays a big role in the creation process. It’s best to stick with simple, clear textures. Having detailed paint can sometimes be pretty unnecessary, immoderate, and distracting.

2. Colors

Make sure your background is covered with neutral colors; it gives it a clean, plain feature that helps with blending the rest of the elements together, and diminishes the competition between them. Your background is your grounding force.

Eclectic style decorating

3. Furniture

When selecting your furniture, you need to pay attention to lines, finishes, material, fabric, and the color of each piece. Your furniture pieces may not be coming from the same origins or have different styles, but that doesn’t give you the right to throw them all together in chaotic ways.

Always look for small matching points that would relate the pieces together by considering the relationship of each piece to the setting. That’s how a good and well studied eclectic style furniture should be.

4. Finishes

Finishes are your secret weapon when creating an eclectic style. They are what’s going to elevate your eclectic style from one boring creation to a piece of art.

Knowing how and where to place things like lamps, mirrors, rugs, palettes, books and other stuff is what’s going to add originality and create an attractive look to your room.

5. Textures

You need to pay attention to all the textures you have. Notice in the picture below how the Oriental rug goes perfectly with the wooden chairs and their fabric, the wood floor, and the sleek desk; the wall paint, and the lamp. Each piece of this place adds depth to space and brings something special. They all create a rich collection of textures and colors.

Playing with colors and Texture lets you have a great eclectic style living room on a budget, but don’t go all the way with colors, just test and compare.

Decor textures

6. Repetition

Repetition in here means the visual echoes. Whether it was a series of shapes or colors, repetition adds your whole piece as a kind of rhythm and harmony. In the picture below, the rectangular shape is repetitive; you can see it in the lamp, desk, chairs, and door.

Rectangular shape

As a further matter, eclectic style can be your green light when it comes to matching the mismatches. Eclecticism drags its charm out of contrasts. What you need to find is the common point between the pieces, it’s like finding your common ground.

For example, in the picture below, the chairs are completely different; however, they blend well together. It’ because they have the same proportions and silhouettes.

Interior design

Don’t be scared to get personal and a little daring, if you have particular items that mean something to you like a souvenir or something, don’t hesitate to blend it with the rest of everything else. It helps you personalize your place and adds it a funny aspect.

But don’t try to force your piece to blend with the counterparts if it looks really far from being a good match.

Saving your place from looking like a garage sale requires a little bit of artistic sense and the master of a few tricks…

  • Play with materials:

If you have a lot of matte pieces, add them the shiny ones –Or vice versa– to create a balance and incite a creative, engaging mix. For example, offset the smooth silk with a coarse burlap.

  • Set your anchor:

Before you start anything, make sure you have a fundamental, or few fundamental pieces to start with, and on which you’re going to build your vision and create the rest of the look.

  • Play with shades:

Put the opposite shades against each other, the light against the dark, the honed against the glossy, etc…

  • Get a little weird:

Don’t be afraid to go for some outlandish pieces, they can really elevate your place’s value without spoiling the look.

  • Give it some time:

If you can’t make up your mind about the final result, give yourself a break. It will allow you to observe the whole piece from a wider angle and distinguish it better.

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