10 Best Craigslist Alternative Websites

In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the Craigslist alternatives websites, so, you can post ads or sell items online with another classified website.

Craigslist alternative sites

What’s Craigslist?

Craigslist is a US-based advertising company with the domain name Craigslist and established by Craig Newmark. Its website is divided into several segments for local classified advertising content. That includes a forum for job seekers, goods, and services for sale, personals, discussion forums, housing apartments, etc.

Craigslist, established in 1995 was as of 2015 said to generate 381 million USD. It has a traffic ranking of 14 in the US and 105 globally. It is arguably the e-commerce hub when looking for a broad range of products and services and in generating traffic for your websites.

Without mincing words, they provide impeccable and top-notch services to their clients. There are however several complaints that it is not so user-friendly, and that it has a high list of scammers on its site offering fake products and services.

As an online store or a website owner, you want to make sure you are attracting more than enough traffic. That is what invariably converts to huge sales or higher views. Therefore, seeking an alternative site to Craigslist could just be the solution to your traffic building needs.

Classified ads provide direct access to the product or service provider and the buyer in a cheap or free but not less efficient way. It is an alternative to doing classified advertising on tabloids and other newspapers. The higher the options, the better or easier it becomes. so, these are the 10 best alternative sites to Craigslist.

Please note that these sites are not presented in any particular order or ranking, but based on what they offer as the 10 best alternatives to Craigslist:


eBay usually does not place classified adverts here or the offering of services, but it offers a lot of products across a wide range of categories. The is, mainly, designed to handle classified adverts while provides a great source to make sales or generate traffic to your website.


The recycler can be seen as a great competitive site to Craigslist. It offers free classified adverts with links to social media networks for better promotions. For the most part, advertising on recycler is free except for premium services. Overall, the recycler website has a wide variety of categories of products and services in an organized manner making it easier to navigate through.


This can be said to be the domain for classified advertising. The Oodle team goes as far as listing classified ads from other top sites and newspapers. It also has a mobile app for both advertisers and clients for ease and convenience on the go.


This website offers a unique classified online advert system; you sure want to give it a shot! It is a very organized site allowing you to place a free classified advert listing for free.


This is an online pawn shop with dedicated staff that helps assess the resale value of whatever is placed on their website. This is done through the help of their in-house team. The website has an excellent number of user ratings and reviews; you just might want to check it out.


Though not as famous as Craigslist, the Usfreeads has been in existence for as long as the Craigslist site and offers similar opportunities. It has open-source for all formats of advertising needs. Their numbers of years of existence show a good level of consistency and should give them some level of trust for have remained in business for so long.

One more noticeable feature of this website is the high number of pet breeders and sellers of pet guides on the site. So if you have a keen interest in dogs or animal-related information, this might just be a trusted place to check.


Adoos is a website that incorporates social media networks into its operations. This site allows both buyers and sellers to meet as they provide a means for buyers to contact advertisers directly for negotiation or to make inquiries.


Backpage is a very user-friendly website. It has the feel and structure of Craigslist besides been very easy to navigate. It requires the user to indicate his or her target area before posting the adverts; that way, it is more relevant to the visitors.


The Hoobly site is quite simple in outlook and efforts are always made to ensure users get a secure and trusted experience. Hoobly achieves this by making sure that users are made to sign up using a registered email address in order to reduce or eliminate scammers or junk messages as classified adverts.

The interface requests the advertiser or client to indicate his or her search needs and then target area for easy navigation.


This website is relatively newer than Craigslist, but it holds a lot of promises for online shoppers. It has similar features like Craigslist and currently has been able to cover the entire United States of America. If a user has a location finder software enabled on his or her device, it is actually possible to see a selection of the listing of goods and services closer to one’s locality.


One last piece of advice to give right now is that in using online platforms or e-commerce sites, you must exercise great caution always.

There is never a 100% guarantee on the integrity of whoever you are dealing with, not even on Craigslist. Hence, your safety, the safety of your funds, and belongings is totally your personal responsibility always.

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