how to stop emotional stress eating

How to Stop Emotional Stress Eating?

Tired of stress eating? Do you have the bad habit that can cause overweight and lots of health problems over time? So, here is your best guide to stop the problems and get rid of the junk food you eat when you're stressed or pressed. We all get that life...
chapped lips causes and treatment

Chapped Lips Guide with Causes and Treatment

Believe it or not, your lips are a very particular and unique part of the face —physiologically speaking.  In other words, lips are a little different from the rest of your skin areas. Now let’s get this straight, your skin is composed of 3 main layers: the epidermis (the top...
Acne guide: causes and treatment

Acne Guide with Truths, Causes and Treatment

More than 40 million American citizens have acne, mostly young adults. It’s the most common health problem in the United States of America. However, this should not be your worst nightmare, it happens to all of us at one point or another, and it’s completely human, nobody has to hide...
amazing health benefits of green tea

Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

There is nothing like a nice cup of tea to settle one's nerves after a long day of work.  For quite a long time, Green tea has been considered as one of the most beneficial and healthy drinks that people started to integrate in everyday life. Along with its use,...
truths and uses of cruelty-free cosmetics

Truths and Uses of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Millions of tormented, wounded, and mistreated animals are kept in horrible conditions, tortured, drowned in fear, and suffocated with distress and loneliness die every day after being tarnished and played within barbarous ways in the name of science and research. We live in a world where it’s right to expose...
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