Best Weight Loss Programs for Women and Men

Are you looking for programs and guides for real weight loss? and you’re suffering from overweight and you want to get rid of it? are you working so hard, but you don’t get any results? well, don’t give up folks because I have the right solutions for you.

Here are the best and most effective guides that will surely help you.

Good guides to lose weight

1. The 3-week diet program

This is the number one recommended weight loss program on this list. The 3WD can be considered a miraculous diet system thanks to its incredible results. This diet system helps you lose lots of extra fat in just 21 days. Just imagine having a good shape and healthy body again.

In fact, this recommended plan will help you reduce 12-23 pounds in body fat, 2-3 size drop in dress size, decreased fat, 2-4 inches from your waistline, and many more other health benefits. Just try it and you won’t regret it.

This program comes in 4 simple manuals that explain everything about the ways to lose weight and by following the tips included, you can absolutely get rid of lots of weight in just 21 days. You will wave goodbye to all the extra pounds that you have.

In reality, it’s easy to follow, very simple, and doesn’t take time. It just takes dedication and that’s what you just need.

This is a really good bargain and I personally recommend it.

2. The 2 Week Diet great

Like the 3-week diet, the 2-week diet has also the same magnificent results. It’s scientifically proven to melt away several kilos of unwanted body fat in just 14 days, so, it’s so fast in terms of results.

It’s a magic potion and by sticking literally to the tips included in the guide you will achieve your goal of losing weight faster than any other way you imagined. This diet comes too in 4 simple manuals and it is available at once.

3. Eat Stop Eat

The Eat Stop Eat is a diet guide based on a program called “intermittent fasting”. It means to fast a day or two a week and then feel free to eat anything you want for the rest of the week. This method has been proved incredibly efficient and very healthy actually.

It has huge benefits for the whole body. Actually, the Eat-Stop-Eat method refreshes and renovates your cells from the inside out, gives you a more youthful appearance and energy, and decreases inflammation. Simply put,  practicing Eat Stop Eat once or twice a week reinforces your metabolism and boosts your ability to burn fat by 800% or more!.

Furthermore, this program can be adapted for all age groups from young to older ones. So as you can see this is a very good diet regime without exercise and it doesn’t take a lot of work thus I encourage you to try it.

4. Old School program

If you are an old-school fan, this diet guide will absolutely suit you better. This diet is really efficient too but it’s a very hard one. You should stick literally to its rules. It includes 5 steps that you should follow to boost your health, slow the aging process, gain energy, and achieve your ideal body.

First of all, you should eat healthily, this means that you have to get rid of the low-fat food that you eat because this type of food is destroying your body, they are draining your body of all its natural fat and this will cause swift aging and body deterioration.

So you should better eat natural fats because they protect your body and make it stronger and younger.

Second of all, practice real sports. It doesn’t have to be in the gym. You can work out on your own and have greater results. It’s a matter of HOW you do it not just Where you do it! Hence, take some time and start working out.

Third, this method embraces the fact that age is just a number so it’s never too late to take care of yourself and your body so start right now and be always optimistic that’s the key to achieving a healthier body.

Besides, never let your body get dehydrated and drink lots of water instead. In fact, water burns fat and reduces hunger. As a matter of fact, drinking a sufficient amount of water every day keeps your skin glowy, smooth and young thus putting a leash on the aging process.

Finally,  the old school adopts a workout method called the F4X ( the Focus 4 Exercise) training system which is 90 minutes per week. You divide it whatever you want. This method adopts a deeply specific approach to work out in a unique combination of movements that everyone can do.

The 4X demands hard work and dedication and you have to have the guts to carry on to the end. So good luck warriors 😉


To conclude, these are the four programs for people who want to lose weight the real way and save money buying expensive products that never work.

They are worth it and each one of them is unique and has its own characteristics. However, keep in mind that nothing can be achieved without making it your main goal at least for a period of time. For that, I recommend making a plan to follow the tips and dedicate the time to that.

You can get a plan for your exact health situation, but if you neglect the tips and use your own way of preparing food and drinking, you’ll lose the advantages of tested methods by expert dieters and doctors.  So, use what professionals tell you and you’ll achieve good results.

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